Wall Cross

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Wall Cross

The design of a Wall Cross is not really as important as its presence. Just being there is enough to give the room, or that part of a room, a feeling of holiness. It can be any style of cross, for example a plain Latin Cross or a Crucifix.

Size is not as important as position. Usually it is fixed above head-height, so we look up to see the cross.

Pictures, icons or candles may also be in the vicinity, but the cross is always the central point of focus.

The cross may be the background design for a wall-mounted fountain, offering peacefully cascading water into a small pool beneath, helping to create a soothing environment for people to enjoy. The cross combines with the flowing water to remind us of the tears and blood shed by Jesus as he suffered on the cross.

See also our introduction to the cross and the meaning of the Cross.

If you've come to this page because you are looking to buy a Wall Cross, well sorry, but we don't sell them. We do, however, have a page about buying a cross.


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