Looking to buy a Christian cross?

Hardly a week goes by without somebody writing to us, asking how they can order a Christian cross of a particular design. And there are lots of different designs available...

Cross compendium

But not from us!

Two things we'd like to tell you about Seiyaku:

  1. Sorry, but we don't sell crosses
  2. Neither do we recommend any specific supplier who does sell crosses

Hopefully, the above statements will save your time in writing to us. But if you do write, this is what we'll suggest:

You've probably got a pretty good idea of the style of cross that you're looking for (budded, Slavonic, Jerusalem, etc.), the material (carved wood, sterling silver, etc.), additional decorations (Celtic Twirls, a dove, etc.), the finish (ornate/plain, matt/gloss), the size (a small one for earrings or pendent, or a somewhat larger cross for a church roof). And very importantly, how much you are willing to spend.

So now you know what you are seeking, go to your local jeweller or handicraft store, and ask if they know anyone who could make one for you. In commissioning work, you can specify precisely what you want, and also probably get some free advice and ideas from the craftsman. Further, it will probably work out much cheaper than buying from a shop, since you'll be cutting out the middle men.

Alternatively, consider making the cross yourself. Most crosses are pretty simple designs, and the material, depending on what you choose, is perhaps not too difficult to work with. It will be cheap so if it's not successful, you haven't spent much time or money. If it does work out, however, you should rightly feel quite satisfied with yourself.

If doing-it-yourself doesn't appeal, try a bona fide dealer. Be aware, however, that many 'dealers' are simply fronts for MLM scam operations. (Some of these operations may appear on these pages as Ads by Google, for which we accept no responsibility.) So before you part with any money, make sure the supplier is reputable.

And if you've come to this page because you have crosses to sell, please do not ask us for a link on this site. The only way to get your products on these pages is through Google AdWords, such as those shown on this page.


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