Seventh Station of the Cross

Jesus falls for second time

There are a series of pictures representing certain aspects in the Passion of Christ, and each one corresponds to a particular incident.

This series is known as The Way of the Cross and this page introduces the Seventh Station.

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Seventh Station

Station 7
He falls for second time

The Seventh Station chapel is where Jesus fell for the second time. The spot is marked by a pillar where the Via Dolorosa crosses Khan es-Zeit (Market Street).

The hill steepens at this point and the cross must have been feeling heavier at every step and the whipping by the soldiers would have increased. (This was no hardship for them; they were quite used to it.) For a second time, Jesus succumbed to the agony and fell. This time, a soldier helped Jesus to his feet. Jesus knew he had to make it.

We often fail. We fail in our responsibilities and we fail in our understanding of others. But we know we can recover. We know we must recover. We know we will lose out if we don't.


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