Rabbula Cross

The Rabbula Cross is named after the scribe of an ancient Syriac Gospel Book.

The Rabbula Cross

Rabbula Cross
Rabbula Gospels
Folio of the Ascension seen in the 6th century Rabbula Gospels
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The Rabbula Cross is a concave pattée cross with eight small buds enclosed within a circle.

It was found in an elaborately illuminated 6th century Syriac Gospel Book, which had been signed by its scribe, Rabbula.

Nothing is known of this person but it is possible he or she was named after the 5th century Rabbula, bishop of Edessa (411-435).

This ancient symbol is also seen carved in cave churches throughout Lebanon.

Various orders of Maronites use this cross since it has Early Church and Syriac monastic roots.


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