Pentagram Cross

The Pentagram Cross is perhaps more frequently called a Wiccan Cross. This page explains why we feel that's a misnomer.
pentagram Cross

Most people probably refer to this cross as a Wiccan Cross, since that's what it's usually called in gift shops specialising in Wiccan, Gothic, Neo-Pagan and Occult products.

But such an identity is disputed by others, so on this page we will call it what it indisputably is – a combination of a cross and a pentagram – a Pentagram Cross.

On its own, the cross is most commonly used in a Christian context, and the pentagram is most commonly used in a Wiccan context; hence the controversy. This page was prompted by somebody writing to us, asking if a Christian could also be a Wiccan.

Well firstly, the definition of a Christian is that they give their life to Jesus Christ. So there's no room for any other religion. Indeed, for a Christian to abide by the Ten Commandments, they cannot have any other god.

Secondly, Christianity is monotheistic and Wicca is polytheistic, so there is no way the two religions could be followed by the same adherent. (That's as impossible as a sincere meat-eating vegan!) There are other fundamental concepts such as original sin, salvation through the death of Jesus Christ, and other things that you cannot sit on the fence about. You either believe it with all your heart, or you don't.

So for this first question the answer is obviously "No".

Is it only an occult symbol if the pentagram is pointing downwards?

Despite what you might read in works by Éliphas Lévi and others, "downwards" is relative to the viewer's position, so the answer is "No". A pentagram is a pentagram, whichever way it's pointing.

(There's a bit more about its orientation on our Pentagram page.)

Is it Wiccan or Christian?

Since the two religions have such fundamental differences, a Pentagram Cross, usually sold as a charm is unlikely to be treated seriously by a true Wiccan or a true Christian.

We're not suggesting that people who wear such pendants are suffering from aboulomania; rather they just feel the pendant looks cool, with no serious meaning.

To answer this third question, you may be surprised to hear that the answer is "Christian". Our page on the Pentagram explains why.


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