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We need your advice!

We've just spent the past three months upgrading the entire site, page by page, checking for incorrekt spelleng and badly grammar, reformatting each page to be mobile friendly, and adding a menu navigation bar.

The site has been tested on different operating systems and browsers, but it's been impossible to check every version of every browser on every version of every operating system of every screen size... for every page.

So if you see something that doesn't quite fit, please email us. Tell us the webpage, your operating system, your browser & version, and the problem you notice, and we'll try to fix it. 

It's inevitable that some wobblies will surface and we're keen to fix them. Then we can concentrate more on the content.

What is seiyaku?

What is 'seiyaku'? Well, it's just the Japanese word for 'vow' or 'oath'; an earnest and solemn promise we promise never to break.

This site was launched in 2002 and contains an eclectic collection of articles, published here following the tried and trusted principle of disjointed incrementalism. 

More and more original articles are coming in from people all over the world. We're sifting through these and adding them to the site as quickly as possible.

So bookmark this page, check back from time to time, and see what's new and what's updated.


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Whatever extra information you can give will help us rectify the problem.

"disjointed incrementalism" means "muddle building"...

...if it means anything at all


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