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Today's thought:

The following articles have been added or updated within the past month:

Armenian Cross (Updated 21 November 2014)
Wedding rings (Updated 20 November 2014)
Jehovah's Witness Cross (Updated 14 November 2014)
Cenotaph (Updated 14 November 2014)
A 60-second guide to 60 minutes (New 11 November 2014)
IHS Cross (Updated 9 November 2014)
Redeemer Cross (Updated 7 November 2014)
And while many people in the UK are celebrating Guy Fawkes night, we have uploaded a photo of something that looks very much like a bonfire: The Hill of Crosses (New 5 November 2014)
Nestorian Cross (Updated 31 October 2014)
Red Cross (Updated 26 October 2014)
Katanga Cross (New 24 October 2014)