Worksheet for the Mosaic Cross

This activity worksheet is aimed at educators of young people (for example Sunday School teachers). Several levels of difficulty are provided to cater for different ages and abilities. The activities can be used as simple time fillers or contribute to larger projects having a Christian Cross theme.

For more information, see the Mosaic Cross.

Worksheet for the Mosaic Cross

The object of the activity is very simple: Just as an artist can move the randomly arranged broken pieces to make a beautiful mosaic, Jesus can take the broken pieces of our lives and make us whole.

Six levels of difficulty are provided to cater for different ages and abilities. The instructions are the same for each level:

  1. Open the worksheet pdf file, select the level and print that page. Younger studesnt may need to be shown the solution just for a few seconds before they start.
  2. Solution
    Cut out the small image (bottom left of the worksheet) as a guide for the solution.
  3. Pieces
    Cut each piece of the main cross for the activity. Cut as neatly as possible, otherwise the solution may be too difficult.
  4. Level 2 Mosaic Cross
    Students piece the puzzle together.

These puzzles are not as simple as they look!

Level 1
Level 1 Mosaic Cross
Level 2
Level 2 Mosaic Cross
Level 3
Level 3 Mosaic Cross
Level 4
Level 4 Mosaic Cross
Level 5
Level 5 Mosaic Cross
Level 6
Level 6 Mosaic Cross

If your students need a hint for levels 1, 3 and 5, point out that the edges of the cross are straight. If they need a hint for levels 3, 4, 5 and 6, point out that no two pieces with the same colour adjoin

If you have just one student, give a bit of pressure by imposing a time limit. With a group of students, you could make completion a race. Congratulate the winner but be careful not to discourage the slower students - they are spending more time considering the shape of the cross.

Round off the activity with a discussion about the real puzzles and difficulties in life. Many of these we can overcome ourselves but with some puzzles, we need help. How can we love our neighbours as ourselves? Or more puzzling, how can we love our enemies? Jesus shows us the way, through His life and His teachings.

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