Dr Alexander Roman

We are indebted to innumerable contributors to this website, many of whom we have regrettably lost contact.

Fortunately, however, we have a little information about one such person on our 'Honour List' and briefly introduce him below.

Dr Alexander Roman

Dr Roman of Toronto is the Executive Assistant to Canadian Minister Frank Klees, MPP. He is an erudite and prolific member of the Ukrainian Catholic Church.

Despite his heavy responsibilities and its accompanying workload, he has kindly found time to make several important corrections to pages on this website. He has also been gracious enough to answer specific queries we've burdened him with. There is no doubt his contributions have helped raise the standard and accuracy of the information this website provides.

His article on the Tryzub for example, led to the more interesting parts of our pages about the Trident and the Anchor Cross.

See more of his work on his illuminating website at

(Dr Roman has not sanctioned every page on this website, so endorsement by him should not be assumed. Please email us with any comments about this website.)


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