Biblical references to 'fish'

In the Bible, we see many references to the fish.

Fish as food and sustenance

Cooked or raw, fish is one of the nice things about not being vegetarian. (See Neh. 13:16, Exod. 7:18-21, Num. 11, Ps. 105:29, Isa. 50:2, Hos. 4:3, Matt. 7:10, Matt. 13:47-48, Luke 11:11 and Luke 24:42.)

The famous five loaves and two fishes story may have had a significant influence on the adoption of the fish as a symbol of Christianity, although there is evidence to suggest the fish had religious significance before that time: Matt. 14:17-19. Matt. 15:34-36. Mark 6:38-43. Mark 8:7. Luke 9:14-16. John 6:9-11.

Why fish exist

A more important question would be to ask why man exists, and we'll look at that on another page. Here, we can see why fish exist, in: Gen. 1:26-28) Gen. 9:2, 1 Kings 4:33, Ps. 8:8, Eccles. 9:12 and Ezek. 38:20.

A fish is a fish

...and yet some people elevate them to having supernatural powers. Japanese catfish for example, were believed to cause earthquakes. Fish are fish, they are not to be revered, and that includes the Jesus Fish Symbol: Deut. 4:15-18.

A fish is a fish

...unless it's a sea monster of course

A complex creature, quite different to other animals: 1 Cor. 15:39.

Looking like a crocodile, whale or dragon, Leviathan was a pretty nasty demonic sea creature that man is powerless to control: Job 41:8, Ezek. 29:4-5.

And some people think Jonah and the Whale is a fishy tale in Jon. 1, Jon. 2 and Matt. 12:40.

Fish as a place-name

...or plaice-name?

Fish as a teacher?

You'll need to read a while to get the correct context, but in this verse, we learn some basic truths about life ... from a fish! Job 12:8.

Fish, the tax-payer

This story reflects both the poverty and power of Christ. If we find ourselves materially poor, like Jesus was, then we should trust in God's power to supply all our needs: Matt. 17:27.

Fish as the target of fishermen

and the 'fishers of men' analogy

These references to fish also draw a parallel with converts who are baptised by immersion into water: Jer. 16:16, Ezek. 26:5 and 14, Ezek. 47:9-10, Hab. 1:14, Matt. 4:18-19, Mark 1:16-17, Luke 5:2-10 and John 21:1-13.

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