Lapovo Flag

The saltire on the Lapovo flag is white, being one of the colours of the Serbian flag. The saltire also represents Lapovo's position on an important Serbian crossroad.

Lapovo Flag


Lapovo is a small town located in the centre of Serbia. The municipality is home to only about 8,000 people yet it has a recorded history stretching back to at least the 12th century in the reign of Stefan Nemanja. He was later canonised by the Orthodox Church (St. Simeon) and in Lapovo, a 'cultural centre' is named after him.

However, the image in the middle of the Lapovo flag is not of that saint, rather it is Lapovo's patron St. Paraskevi, whose church stands in the centre of the town and hence depicted in the centre of the flag.

The white saltire cross represents important Serbian roads that cross Lapovo. The ears of wheat represent the area's agriculture and on the flag they form a crown above the saint. The oak leaves with green background represent the town's forests. The white of the cross and upper blue triangle are two colours of the Serbian flag. The lower white and blue stripes represent the Morava river.

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