Kragujevac Flag

Serbian cross
Serbian Cross

The feature within the Kragujevac Flag that distinguishes its national identity is the cross of Serbia

Kragujevac Flag


Kragujevac was first capital of modern Serbia (1818-1839) and became a military equipment supplier and major Fiat-based car manufacturer, which was destroyed by NATO bombing in 1999.

Fiat refused to give up and rebuilt a new facility. Production of a new five-door mini MPV (Fiat 500L) began in 2012. (One unique feature of the 500L is the optional in-vehicle espresso coffee machine.) The launch at the Geneva Motor Show was aggressive and the company is optimistic for the car's future.

Following the factory's destruction, such a hawkish approach is to be welcomed. The hawk on the flag, by the way, is the city's namesake.

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