Cajetina Flag

The municipal flag shows a yellow Arrow Cross on a blue background.

Cajetina Flag


Cajetina is a small town in the Zlatibor District of south-western Serbia, with a population of 15,628 for the whole municipality and only 3,151 in the town proper (2002 census). The main industries are agriculture and food processing, where local livestock is converted into smoked meats for export.

Tourism is also an important source of income and the area is popular with hunters and others who enjoy the 'great outdoors'. A tour of the area is not complete without a visit to Staro selo (Old Village Museum) and the Ethno Park with its 19th century rural buildings. Another popular site is the restored Uvac Monastery.

The municipal flag is blue with a yellow Arrow Cross, which mimics the Snowflake Cross seen on many Eastern Orthodox church spires.

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