Hatton Cross Railway Station's Cross

Since Hatton Cross Railway Station was not specifically built for Christian worship, why does 'Cross' feature in the name? Can a cross be found there?

Hatton Cross Station

Close to London Heathrow Airport is the Hatton Cross Station (opened 1975). This tube station is located in what remains of Hatton village.

An Ordnance Survey map of the area dated 1822 shows quite a large village labeled simply 'Hatton'. (Hatton is old Anglo-Saxon for 'heath farmstead'.) There are buildings from the 17th century and it is unknown, but quite possible, that there was a Market Cross in the village.

However, it is more likely that the 'Cross' of the station name refers to the fact that it is near the crossroads where the Green Man Lane, which used to lead out onto the Heathrow moors, crosses the busy Great Southwest Road (A30).

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