Gerrards Cross Railway Station's Cross

Since Gerrards Cross Railway Station was not specifically built for Christian worship, why does 'Cross' feature in the name? Can a cross be found there?

Gerrards Cross Station

Gerrards Cross Station (opened 1906) is in the stockbroker belt and southern tip of Buckinghamshire, England.

The name comes from the Gerrard family who owned the manor there in the 17th century. There is evidence of Iron Age settlements and with that sort of history, there is little doubt that many crosses have existed in the area over time.

However, the village of Gerrards Cross has only been named as such since 1859 and the cross probably relates to its site at the old crossroads of the (east/west) London to Oxford road and the (north/south) Amersham to Windsor road.

There is no particular Christian cross to associate with the name, the village or the railway station.

Other railway stations with 'Cross' in the name

"Gerrards", without an apostrophe


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