The Cross

- symbolism without a symbol

We usually think of a 'cross' as simply two intersecting beams, but in fact there are many different designs. And some crosses have no particular design at all. This page introduces some of those crosses.

Symboless crosses

Some crosses are associated with more than one design with the same name, like for example the St. John's Cross. On this website, we have taken what we understand to be the most common design for a particular cross name, and created a separate page to describe each one. (See list of cross names and cross images.)

Many cross designs have more than one name, like the Calvary Cross, which is also known as Stepped Cross, Altar Cross or Peronnee Cross. (This particular design is further confusing with two more alternative names - the Graded Cross and the opposite: Degraded Cross.)

But there some crosses that have a name, yet no common design. And it's some of these crosses that we describe below:


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