Ichthys Cross

Seen more often in a jewellery setting than a religious setting. Nevertheless, this cross has a profound message.

Ichthys Cross

also known as

Fisherman's Cross

Ichthys Cross
Fisherman Cross
Hot rod
The fish symbol incorporated into a Cross Pattee on a mousepad

Whilst no longer commonly seen in churches or religious settings, a cross with the Greek ΙΧΘΥΣ (Ichthys) is a popular jewellery item.

A plain cross, without lettering, is one of the most common designs for necklaces, usually worn for decoration only. Adding the Ichthys lettering reminds people of the Christian meaning of the Cross.

Ichthys is a Christogram or Chrismon, a monogram of Christ, and was in use by the 4th century if not earlier. The Greek spelling (ΙΧΘΥΣ) and how that becomes a Christogram is explained more on our Jesus Fish page.

Other Chrismons include INRI, Alpha and Omega, Chi-Rho, ICXC and IHS   all of which are more commonly seen with the cross than Ichthys.

Sean Wright noticed this neat variation of an Everlasting Cross on a magnet sold by (


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