Double Crescent Cross

A simple design, leading to various interpretations, one being a pair of crescent moons joined in the middle form an intriguing style of cross.

Double Crescent Cross

Double Crescent Cross
Double Crescent Cross

A Double Crescent Cross is frequently seen in jewellery, such as this Indian necklace, where two crescents form a cross.

Waxing and waning moons are common in Neo-Wicca and the occult. (See Lunate Cross and Kaballah Cross)

In a Christian context, such a symbol could represent two nails that have bent from being extracted from the Cross on which Jesus was crucified. (See Passion Cross)


The Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession in Austria (ECACA - Evangelische Kirche Augsburgischen Bekenntnisses) has a logo of a stylised cross in two separate parts. Yet as Lutherans, they believe in the Hypostatic union, the inseparable dual natures of Jesus Christ.

Bisexual symbol

Over the border in Germany a similar symbol, horizontally reversed, was later adopted by the bisexual community. This represents the astrological symbols of Mars (male) and Venus (female) shown open on both sides, symbolising that bisexuals are open to either sexes.

As with all symbols, the meaning is whatever it means to you.

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