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Although Christianity has been the majority religion in the country for centuries, there is no universally recognised "Congo Cross". There are, however, a couple of popular contenders. One is the ancient cross of Katanga and the other is the logo of the Church of Christ in Congo.

Church of Christ in Congo logo


There is no point in quibbling about what should be named The Congo Cross when we consider the bitter fighting, which continues despite peace accords signed in 2003. No place on the planet needs unity more than The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), so it's heartening to see that several different denominations here have come together to form the Church of Christ in Congo.

The Church of Christ in Congo, known locally as Église du Christ au Congo, is an ecumenical umbrella for 62 Protestant denominations in Congo, and covers approximately 35% of the population. Most other Christians in the DRC are Roman Catholic. The main Protestant churches are Presbyterian (largest membership), Anglican, and Baptist.

According to their website,, the logo has three main elements:

  • The Bible, being God's word, the Giver of life, providing our doctrine, correcting and instructing in righteousness
  • The Cross of Sacrifice, the anointment by Jesus Christ on the cross to pay our debts
  • The number "1", showing that the Church is a large family, united in Christ. All nations, all tribes, all languages and all races, as taught in John 17:21, Romans 12:5, & 1 Cor. 10:17

This "1" is refreshingly forward thinking, taking us back, via the Scriptural passages mentioned, to the basic construct of the Church.

The continued fighting is internal, but caused directly by the actions of Europeans in the past, and all nations in the present. See the excellent BBC commentary and also how our vanity perpetuates the suffering of so many Congolese.


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