Braided Cross

The Braided Cross is favourite of knotters and macramists, yet it has a message for us all.

Braided Cross

Knot tying is an ancient art which continues to be used by riggers in many professions; by hobbyists challenging themselves to intricate patterns for the sake of it; and for mathematicians who enjoy the mysteries of knot theory, such as the Gordian knot.

The Braided Cross is of special interest to hobbyists and topologists, since it is not tied to anything but itself. And it is this independent feature that makes it a suitable design for a Christian symbol. The Braided Cross reminds us that Jesus Christ is wholly God. Jesus is not somebody who is 'attached' to God; Jesus is God.

The braiding also reminds us that we can, if we decide to, be bound in the love of Jesus. (Check out the numerous YouTube versions of the Gospel sing "Wrapped up, Tied up, Tangled all up in Jesus.") And we should, of course, similarly bind others in that same love.

Braided Cross for epaulettes

Braided Cross for epaulettes

People worship Jesus in different ways but like the strands bound together in the Braided Cross, we are all in the same family (Eph. 2:21).

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