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Is this a Beatles logo?

(Probably not!)

The following is mainly nonsense, and you need to see the previous page and the mystery cross page to make any sense at all. We are not seriously suggesting that the Beatles had a Christian logo.

Strawberry Fields
Fab Four

Until now this has not been published as an emblem of the Beatles but here is proof that it's the Fab Four's:

First, in the church logo there are four black birds (you probably noticed that) and there were four members of the Beatles, all of whom had black hair.

It is surely no coincidence that Paul McCartney wrote the song Blackbird and a poetry book Blackbird Singing.

Two of the birds are singing (top-right & bottom-left) and these represent John and Paul, the main singers; the bird drumming its beak (top-left) is Ringo Starr, and the least showbizzy (bottom-right) is George Harrison.

The pop music of the Beatles was an inspiration to the American group The Byrds, who deliberately misspelt their name, as the Beatles had done.

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If that is not proof enough, then let's look at the Liverpool locations where the four lads grew up:

(JL)John Lennon251 Menlove Avenue,
(PM)Paul McCartney20 Forthlin Road,
(GH)George Harrison12 Arnold Grove,
(RS)Ringo Starr9 Madryn Street,
Crossing Abbey Road

A cursory look at the map shows quite conclusively that they lived in four quadrants, divided by major crossroads.

Is it coincidence that the road they crossed in 1969 was Abbey Road?

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