Elusive Atheist Cross

Atheists deny the existence of God and the deity of Jesus Christ. 

Some religious people also deny the deity of Jesus Christ, but atheists are perhaps the most adamant that any crucifixion of Jesus had no effect on purging us of our sins. Therefore it seems absurd to say there is such a thing as an Atheist Cross.

But we believe there is. And here's why.

Atheist Cross

Latin Cross

Atheists may be upset to be told there is an Atheist Cross and might say there is no such thing. And yet here it is, on this page, a symbol that we've labelled the Atheist Cross.

An atheist might not like the idea of this webpage existing, or perhaps doesn't care whether or not this web page exists. But he or she cannot change the fact that this page does indeed exist.

An atheist might not like the idea of God existing, and perhaps doesn't care whether God exists or not, but that doesn't stop God from existing.

An atheist might say that science is the source of life, not a supernatural being. Yet science cannot provide reason or meaning, which is something that religion provides.

An atheist might say that religion is just a glorified superstition, a natural process of evolution, and that as cognitive functions in the human brain developed, gods were imagined and religions formed to explain the inexplicable.

Imagine if you can, living tens of thousands of years ago, with a primitive ability to reason yet unable to explain more or less everything you can see. How does the sun manage to get from over there to over here, overnight? Who or what created lightning? Where did my navel come from?

And why?

Create a god for anything you don't understand and Woosh! Problem solved.

Then as social structures become more complex, some sort of order is required. Religion, structured around the gods, is an ideal basis for social order and ethical principles which serve to help families and neighbours. Primitive tribes who embrace religion therefore have the advantage of those who don't.

In other words, religion and belief in gods evolve with mankind's intellectual and social development.

The corollary is that if intelligent people believe in God, then atheists are not very intelligent!

That is nonsense of course. A great number of atheists are very intelligent and well-educated, and yet it is strange that they go to such lengths to prove the non-existence of something they don't believe in. But that is the task atheists, by definition, set for themselves; to assert the non-existence of God.

Fortunately for them, God believes that they exist, despite their beliefs. God loves them, despite their beliefs. God loves all of us, so much that He sacrificed His Son Jesus Christ for the sake of all mankind. Whatever our beliefs.

This is why there is a cross for atheists. It's the very same cross for Christians. It's the very same cross for Christadelphians and Satanists, Jehovah's Witnesses and Jews, Mormons and Muslims. It's the same cross for Pagans, for Scientologists, for agnostics and for those who couldn't care less.

Jesus died for everybody. We can choose to deny or ignore that fact, or accept and embrace that fact.


God doesn't believe in atheists, therefore atheists don't exist.

If there is no God, why are there atheists?


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