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God fearing

Proverbs related to being devout, God-fearing, holy, pious, sacred

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  1. My child, if you receive my words, and store up my commands within you,
    by making your ear attentive to wisdom, and by turning your heart to understanding,
    indeed, if you call out for discernment - raise your voice for understanding -
    if you seek it like silver, and search for it like hidden treasure,
    then you will understand how to fear the LORD, and you will discover knowledge about God.

    Prov. 2:1-5 (read whole chapter)

  2. Do not be wise in your own estimation; fear the LORD and turn away from evil.

    Prov. 3:7 (read whole chapter)

  3. The fear of the LORD is to hate evil; I hate arrogant pride and the evil way and perverse utterances.

    Prov. 8:13 (read whole chapter)

  4. The beginning of wisdom is to fear the LORD, and acknowledging the Holy One is understanding.

    Prov. 9:10 (read whole chapter)

  5. Fearing the LORD prolongs life, but the life span of the wicked will be shortened.

    Prov. 10:27 (read whole chapter)

  6. The one who walks in his uprightness fears the LORD, but the one who is perverted in his ways despises him.

    Prov. 14:2 (read whole chapter)

  7. In the fear of the LORD one has strong confidence, and it will be a refuge for his children.
    The fear of the LORD is like a life-giving fountain, to turn people from deadly snares.

    Prov. 14:26-27 (read whole chapter)

  8. Better is little with the fear of the LORD than great wealth and turmoil with it.

    Prov. 15:16 (read whole chapter)

  9. Through loyal love and truth iniquity is appeased; through fearing the LORD one avoids evil.

    Prov. 16:6 (read whole chapter)

  10. Fearing the LORD leads to life, and one who does so will live satisfied; he will not be afflicted by calamity.

    Prov. 19:23 (read whole chapter)

  11. It is a snare for a person to rashly cry, "Holy!" and only afterward to consider what he has vowed.

    Prov. 20:25 (read whole chapter)

  12. The reward for humility and fearing the LORD is riches and honor and life.

    Prov. 22:4 (read whole chapter)

  13. Fear the LORD, my child, as well as the king, and do not associate with rebels,

    Prov. 24:21 (read whole chapter)

  14. Blessed is the one who is always cautious, but whoever hardens his heart will fall into evil.

    Prov. 28:14 (read whole chapter)


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