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The fifth book of Psalms, song 130, New English Translation

Psalm 130

   A song of ascents.
   1 From the deep water I cry out to you, O LORD.
   2 O LORD, listen to me! Pay attention to my plea for mercy!
   3 If you, O LORD, were to keep track of sins, O LORD, who could stand before you?
   4 But you are willing to forgive, so that you might be honored.
   5 I rely on the LORD, I rely on him with my whole being; I wait for his assuring word.
   6 I yearn for the LORD, more than watchmen do for the morning, yes, more than watchmen do for the morning.
   7 O Israel, hope in the LORD, for the LORD exhibits loyal love, and is more than willing to deliver.
   8 He will deliver Israel from all the consequences of their sins.

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