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Hosea, chapter 8, New English Translation and King James Version

Chapter 8

New English Translation

   God Will Raise Up the Assyrians to Attack Israel
   1 Sound the alarm! An eagle looms over the temple of the LORD! For they have broken their covenant with me, and have rebelled against my law.
   2 Israel cries out to me, "My God, we acknowledge you!"
   3 But Israel has rejected what is morally good; so an enemy will pursue him.
   The Political and Cultic Sin of Israel
   4 They enthroned kings without my consent! They appointed princes without my approval! They made idols out of their silver and gold, but they will be destroyed!
   5 O Samaria, he has rejected your calf idol! My anger burns against them! They will not survive much longer without being punished, even though they are Israelites!
   6 That idol was made by a workman - it is not God! The calf idol of Samaria will be broken to bits.
   The Fertility Cultists Will Become Infertile
   7 They sow the wind, and so they will reap the whirlwind! The stalk does not have any standing grain; it will not produce any flour. Even if it were to yield grain, foreigners would swallow it all up.
   8 Israel will be swallowed up among the nations; they will be like a worthless piece of pottery.
   The Willful Donkey and the Wanton Harlot
   9 They have gone up to Assyria, like a wild donkey that wanders off. Ephraim has hired prostitutes as lovers.
   10 Even though they have hired lovers among the nations, I will soon gather them together for judgment. Then they will begin to waste away under the oppression of a mighty king.
   Sacrifices Ineffective without Moral Obedience
   11 Although Ephraim has built many altars for sin offerings, these have become altars for sinning!
   12 I spelled out my law for him in great detail, but they regard it as something totally unknown to them!
   13 They offer up sacrificial gifts to me, and eat the meat, but the LORD does not accept their sacrifices. Soon he will remember their wrongdoing, he will punish their sins, and they will return to Egypt.
   14 Israel has forgotten his Maker and built royal palaces, and Judah has built many fortified cities. But I will send fire on their cities; it will consume their royal citadels.

King James Version

   1 Set the trumpet to thy mouth. He shall come as an eagle against the house of the LORD, because they have transgressed my covenant, and trespassed against my law.
   2 Israel shall cry unto me, My God, we know thee.
   3 Israel hath cast off the thing that is good: the enemy shall pursue him.
   4 They have set up kings, but not by me: they have made princes, and I knew it not: of their silver and their gold have they made them idols, that they may be cut off.
   5 ¶ Thy calf, O Samaria, hath cast thee off; mine anger is kindled against them: how long will it be ere they attain to innocency?
   6 For from Israel was it also: the workman made it; therefore it is not God: but the calf of Samaria shall be broken in pieces.
   7 For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind: it hath no stalk: the bud shall yield no meal: if so be it yield, the strangers shall swallow it up.
   8 Israel is swallowed up: now shall they be among the Gentiles as a vessel wherein is no pleasure.
   9 For they are gone up to Assyria, a wild ass alone by himself: Ephraim hath hired lovers.
   10 Yea, though they have hired among the nations, now will I gather them, and they shall sorrow a little for the burden of the king of princes.
   11 Because Ephraim hath made many altars to sin, altars shall be unto him to sin.
   12 I have written to him the great things of my law, but they were counted as a strange thing.
   13 They sacrifice flesh for the sacrifices of mine offerings, and eat it; but the LORD accepteth them not; now will he remember their iniquity, and visit their sins: they shall return to Egypt.
   14 For Israel hath forgotten his Maker, and buildeth temples; and Judah hath multiplied fenced cities: but I will send a fire upon his cities, and it shall devour the palaces thereof.

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