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Psalm 106. Confitemini Domino.

From the Book of Divine Worship - The Psalter or Psalms of David - Contemporary - Twenty-first Day - Evening Prayer.

Part I: Confitemini Domino

  1. Hallelujah! Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, *
    for his mercy endures for ever.
  2. Who can declare the mighty acts of the Lord *
    or show forth all his praise? Happy are those who act with justice *
    and always do what is right! Remember me, O LORD, with the favor you have for your people, *
    and visit me with your saving help;
  3. That I may see the prosperity of your elect and be glad with the gladness of your people, *
    that I may glory with your inheritance.
  4. We have sinned as our forebears did; *
    we have done wrong and dealt wickedly.
  5. In Egypt they did not consider your marvelous works, nor remember the abundance of your love; *
    they defied the Most High at the Red Sea.
  6. But he saved them for his Name's sake, *
    to make his power known.
  7. He rebuked the Red Sea, and it dried up, *
    and he led them through the deep as through a desert.
  8. He saved them from the hand of those who hated them *
    and redeemed them from the hand of the enemy.
  9. The waters covered their oppressors; *
    not one of them was left.
  10. Then they believed his words *
    and sang him songs of praise.
  11. But they soon forgot his deeds *
    and did not wait for his counsel.
  12. A craving seized them in the wilderness, *
    and they put God to the test in the desert.
  13. He gave them what they asked, *
    but sent leanness into their soul.
  14. They envied Moses in the camp, *
    and Aaron, the holy one of the Lord.
  15. The earth opened and swallowed Dathan *
    and covered the company of Abiram.
  16. Fire blazed up against their company, *
    and flames devoured the wicked.

Part II: Et fecerunt vitulum

  1. Israel made a bull-calf at Horeb *
    and worshiped a molten image;
  2. And so they exchanged their Glory *
    for the image of an ox that feeds on grass.
  3. They forgot God their Savior, *
    who had done great things in Egypt,
  4. Wonderful deeds in the land of Ham, *
    and fearful things at the Red Sea.
  5. So he would have destroyed them, had not Moses his chosen stood before him in the breach, *
    to turn away his wrath from consuming them.
  6. They refused the pleasant land *
    and would not believe his promise.
  7. They grumbled in their tents *
    and would not listen to the voice of the Lord.
  8. So he lifted his hand against them, *
    to overthrow them in the wilderness,
  9. To cast out their seed among the nations, *
    and to scatter them throughout the lands.
  10. They joined themselves to Baal-Peor *
    and ate sacrifices offered to the dead.
  11. They provoked him to anger with their actions, *
    and a plague broke out among them.
  12. Then Phinehas stood up and interceded, *
    and the plague came to an end.
  13. This was reckoned to him as righteousness *
    throughout all generations for ever.
  14. Again they provoked his anger at the waters of Meribah, *
    so that he punished Moses because of them;
  15. For they so embittered his spirit *
    that he spoke rash words with his lips.
  16. They did not destroy the peoples *
    as the Lord had commanded them.
  17. They intermingled with the heathen *
    and learned their pagan ways,
  18. So that they worshiped their idols, *
    which became a snare to them.
  19. They sacrificed their sons *
    and their daughters to evil spirits.
  20. They shed innocent blood, the blood of their sons and daughters, *
    which they offered to the idols of Canaan, and the land was defiled with blood.
  21. Thus they were polluted by their actions *
    and went whoring in their evil deeds.
  22. Therefore the wrath of the Lord was kindled against his people *
    and he abhorred his inheritance.
  23. He gave them over to the hand of the heathen, *
    and those who hated them ruled over them.
  24. Their enemies oppressed them, *
    and they were humbled under their hand.
  25. Many a time did he deliver them, but they rebelled through their own devices, *
    and were brought down in their iniquity.
  26. Nevertheless, he saw their distress, *
    when he heard their lamentation.
  27. He remembered his covenant with them *
    and relented in accordance with his great mercy.
  28. He caused them to be pitied *
    by those who held them captive.
  29. Save us, O Lord our God, and gather us from among the nations, *
    that we may give thanks to your holy Name and glory in your praise.
  30. Blessed be the Lord, the God of Israel, from everlasting and to everlasting; *
    and let all the people say, "Amen!" Hallelujah!
* An asterisk divides a verse of a Psalm in two portions for responsive reading

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