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Psalm 79. Deus, venerunt.

From the Book of Divine Worship - The Psalter or Psalms of David - Contemporary - Sixteenth Day - Morning Prayer.
  1. O God, the heathen have come into your inheritance; they have profaned your holy temple; *
    they have made Jerusalem a heap of rubble.
  2. They have given the bodies of your servants as food for the birds of the air, *
    and the flesh of your faithful ones to the beasts of the field.
  3. They have shed their blood like water on every side of Jerusalem, *
    and there was no one to bury them.
  4. We have become a reproach to our neighbors, *
    an object of scorn and derision to those around us.
  5. How long will you be angry, O Lord? *
    will your fury blaze like fire for ever?
  6. Pour out your wrath upon the heathen who have not known you *
    and upon the kingdoms that have not called upon your Name.
  7. For they have devoured Jacob *
    and made his dwelling a ruin.
  8. Remember not our past sins; let your compassion be swift to meet us; *
    for we have been brought very low.
  9. Help us, O God our Savior, for the glory of your Name; *
    deliver us and forgive us our sins, for your Name's sake.
  10. Why should the heathen say, "Where is their God?" *
    Let it be known among the heathen and in our sight that you avenge the shedding of your servants' blood.
  11. Let the sorrowful sighing of the prisoners come before you, *
    and by your great might spare those who are condemned to die.
  12. May the revilings with which they reviled you, O Lord, *
    return seven-fold into their bosoms.
  13. For we are your people and the sheep of your pasture; *
    we will give you thanks for ever and show forth your praise from age to age.
* An asterisk divides a verse of a Psalm in two portions for responsive reading

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