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Psalm 75. Confitebimur tibi.

From the Book of Divine Worship - The Psalter or Psalms of David - Contemporary - Fifteenth Day - Morning Prayer.
  1. We give you thanks, O God, we give you thanks, *
    calling upon your Name and declaring all your wonderful deeds.
  2. "I will appoint a time," says God; *
    "I will judge with equity.
  3. Though the earth and all its inhabitants are quaking, *
    I will make its pillars fast.
  4. I will say to the boasters, 'Boast no more,' *
    and to the wicked, 'Do not toss your horns;
  5. Do not toss your horns so high, *
    nor speak with a proud neck.' "
  6. For judgment is neither from the east nor from the west, *
    nor yet from the wilderness or the mountains.
  7. It is God who judges; *
    he puts down one and lifts up another.
  8. For in the Lord's hand there is a cup, full of spiced and foaming wine, which he pours out, *
    and all the wicked of the earth shall drink and drain the dregs.
  9. But I will rejoice for ever; *
    I will sing praises to the God of Jacob.
  10. He shall break off all the horns of the wicked; *
    but the horns of the righteous shall be exalted.
* An asterisk divides a verse of a Psalm in two portions for responsive reading

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