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Private Baptism

From the Book of Divine Worship - Holy baptism - Rite One.

When, in consideration of extreme sickness, necessity may require, then the following form shall suffice:

The Child (or Person) being named by some one who is present, the Minister shall pour Water upon him, saying these words:

 , I baptize thee in the Name of the Father, and of the and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

After which shall be said the Lord's Prayer, and the Thanksgiving from this office, beginning, We yield thee hearty thanks, etc.

But Note. That in the case of an Adult, the Minister shall first ask the questions provided in this Office for the Baptism of Adults.

In cases of extreme sickness, or any imminent peril, if a Minister cannot be procured, then any baptized person present may administer holy Baptism, using the foregoing form. Such Baptism shall be promptly reported to the Parish authorities.

The Receiving of One Privately Baptized.

It is expedient that a Child or Person so baptized be afterward brought to the Church, at which time these parts of the foregoing service shall be used: The Gospel, the Questions (omitting the question Wilt thou be baptized in this Faith? and the answer thereto), the Declaration, We receive this Child (or Person), etc., and the remainder of the office.


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