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Eucharistic Prayer I

From the Book of Divine Worship - The Proper: First Part - The Holy Eucharist - Rite Two.

Eucharistic Prayer I
(Roman Canon: Contemporary)

In this Eucharistic Prayer I, the words in brackets may be omitted.

The Priest, with hands extended, says:

We come to you, Father, with praise and thanksgiving, through Jesus Christ your Son.

He makes the sign of the cross once over both bread and chalice, saying:

Through him we ask you to accept and bless + these gifts we offer you in sacrifice.

With hands extended, he continues:

We offer them for your holy catholic Church, watch over it, Lord, and guide it; grant it peace and unity throughout the world.

We offer them for  , our Pope, for  , our bishop (and his assistant bishops), and for all who hold and teach the catholic faith that comes to us from the apostles.


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