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Roman Canon

From the Book of Divine Worship - The Proper: First Part - The Holy Eucharist - Rite One

Roman Canon
(Old English Translation)

At his discretion the Celebrant may substitute any of the four Eucharistic Prayers in Rite Two. In the first Eucharistic Prayer, the words in brackets may be omitted.

The Priest, with hands extended, says:

Celebrant alone

Most merciful Father, we humbly pray thee, through Jesus Christ thy Son our Lord,

He joins his hands and, making the sign of the cross once over both bread and chalice, says:

and we ask, that thou accept and bless + these gifts, these presents, these holy and unspoiled sacrifices.

With hands extended, he continues:

We offer them unto thee, first, for thy holy catholic Church: that thou vouchsafe to keep it in peace, to guard, unite, and govern it throughout the whole world; together with thy servant  , our Pope and  , our Bishop and all the faithful guardians of the catholic and apostolic faith.


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