Did you hear the one about...

Pastor's Horse


Watch what you say, and watch where you go.


There was a pastor who was selling a horse. One day a man showed interest and came to look the horse over. The man wanted to see how the horse rode. So the pastor told him if he wanted the horse to go, he just had to say "Praise God" and if he wanted the horse to stop then all he had to say was "Hallelujah!"

So the man took the horse out and said "Praise God" and the horse started walking. But the man wanted to go faster, so he said "Praise God" again and again until the horse was galloping at a speed of his liking. He then saw a cliff edge coming up real fast and he needed to stop. But he forgot what he had to say to stop the horse.

Then right before the edge of the cliff he remembered, and shouted "Hallelujah!" The horse stopped. He let out a sigh of relief and said "Praise God"...

... and the horse ran off the cliff.


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