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Seiyaku's policy is to publish a clean website. As moderators, we take our responsibility seriously to edit out any offensive text in any article on this site. Unfortunately, we cannot specify the content of some adverts that appear and we depend on YOU to alert us of any undesirable material.

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Simply send a short email and we will look into it. (If you use a spam-filter, please permit emails from before you write.)

It normally takes Google a few hours to remove an advert.

Seiyaku Advertising Policy

This website displays adverts posted by Google, and whilst their policy is pretty strict, there are still some adverts that visitors such as yourself, find objectionable. When we are made aware of these, we can remove them from this site.

Basically, Google has controls on advertisements relating to:

  • Alcohol
  • 'Anti' and violence (racism, sexism etc.)
  • Bulk marketing
  • Copyright infringement and hacking services
  • Counterfeit goods
  • Drugs and related paraphernalia
  • Fake documents (passports, diplomas, etc.)
  • Gambling
  • Miracle Cures
  • Prostitution
  • Scams and phishing
  • Sexual & adult content
  • Tobacco
  • Traffic Devices (radar jammers, etc.)
  • Weapons
  • ...and many other dubious or unethical advertisements.
    A complete list can be seen at Google Ad Restrictions.

Their controls are adequate in most cases, but even so, some adverts might cause you offence. And if they offend you, it's most likely that the advert will offend us also. These include certain political campaigns, multi-level-marketing schemes, and so on.

Adverts on this site (and many others like it) are automatically determined by Google's algorithm, which matches key words from each page with what is deemed to be an appropriate advert.

It is humanly impossible to monitor all these constantly changing adverts. Even if we could simultaneously monitor the hundreds of pages on this website every minute of the day, we still wouldn't see the same adverts you might see in Europe, America, Australia, or where ever you might be.

To overcome this, Google provides us with a facility to block certain adverts from appearing on this site. If you tell us what the advert is, we can remove it and prevent other people from being similarly offended.


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